Study Planning & Budgeting

Headed by Damien Hong

Business Operations services comprise:
  • Customised study proposals that meet trial objectives of partners
  • contract and budget administration services
  • Effective Communication between internal and external stakeholders

The Business Operations department often represents SCRI in reaching out to collaborators to share SCRI's expertise. The team supports our partners in the planning of their studies and budgeting processes by understanding clearly the collaborators' requirements, and offering customised project proposals. As the coordinator between internal and external stakeholders, Business Operations also advises on the proposed workflows based on collaborators' needs and requirements. Effective coordinations and communication is key in managing expectations of stakeholders. By reaching out to partners, the team works closely with them to ensure that SCRI's proposed services not only meet partners' needs but also fit their proposed budgets and finalised contracts. For partners applying for research grants to fund studies, the team is also equipped with the facility to assess operational needs and proposed budgets required for grant submissions.