About SCRI

about SCRI

The Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) is the national academic research organisation dedicated to enhancing the standards of clinical research capabilities in Singapore. SCRI leads in scientific collaborations and research innovation to search for better treatment outcomes for our patients with our healthcare partners. Together, the nation is set to develop core capabilities and thought leadership for clinical research excellence.

With robust coordination abilities and infrastructure, SCRI is ready to advance Singapore in the field of clinical research for the coming years.

News and Workshops

Clinical Research Coordinator Level 2 Programme (July 2022)

Held virtually from 14 to 29 July 2022, the CRC Level 2 course was attended by some 20 CRCs from the public healthcare clusters. This year, the programme also saw returning graduates from the Level 1 course, as well as past recipients of the Distinguished Contributor Award for CRCs. 

Distinguished Contributor Award for Clinical Research Coordinators 2022

This award recognises outstanding CRCs and their significant contributions to the profession and community. Nomination period: 1 August to 1 October 2022.