About SCRI

About Us

The Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) is the national academic research organisation dedicated to enhancing the standards of clinical research in Singapore by developing core capabilities, infrastructure and scientific leadership for clinical research.

SCRI is a business unit under the Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation, Singapore (CRIS), a subsidiary of Ministry of Health Holdings (MOHH). SCRI also works with the National Medical Research Council to assist the Ministry of Health in implementing clinical trials policy and strategic initiatives to support and develop clinical research competencies locally.

SCRI also collaborates with clinicians to enhance Singapore’s clinical research ecosystem and strengthen its expertise in executing multi-site, multi-national studies and the development of regional clinical research networks.


The Clinical Trials & Epidemiology Research Unit (CTERU) was established in November 1996 by the Ministry of Health (MOH) with funding from the National Medical Research Council (NMRC). CTERU's goal was to provide essential infrastructure support for not-for-profit public-sector research. To achieve this goal, CTERU carried out multi-centre clinical trials, epidemiological and evidence-based medicine studies benchmarked to international standards.

In September 2008, CTERU was restructured to become SCRI, a national academic clinical research institute. SCRI built on CTERU's foundation to develop enhanced resources and capabilities to advance intellectual and scientific leadership. Equally important was the focus on providing the necessary infrastructure for collaborative clinical research. SCRI has since been breaking new grounds in its clinical research together with its partners.