Health Outcomes Research

Headed by Shi Luming

Health Outcomes Research services comprise:
  • Development of high quality study protocols for health outcomes and health economic evaluation projects
  • Support of research grant applications
  • Support of post-grant activities such as CRF design, data analysis and reporting
  • Evaluation of health services programmes
  • Development of hospital-based disease registries

Our epidemiology and health economics teams have extensive experience in collaborating with clinical domain experts to develop quality protocols for health outcomes research, health economic evaluation and health technology assessment projects. We advise on all aspects of protocol design to meet regulatory and funding requirements, providing guidance to create a feasible and rigorous study protocol. With our medical training, clinical research foundations and vast research experience, we are the clinicians’ ideal partners to help quickly translate a research question into a valid and feasible research plan. Health outcomes investigations not only improve the potential to provide the best care at the lowest cost to our patients but also influence the formation of healthcare policies relevant to our population’s needs. Currently, the Epidemiology department forms the nucleus of health economic evaluation expertise at SCRI, and we provide technical support to help local clinical researchers incorporate health economic evaluation into their research projects. We are also currently involved in a number of cost-effectiveness analyses alongside clinical trials in different therapeutic areas. In addition, we are expanding our training services to cover emerging fields in health outcomes research and health technology assessment, such as health services evaluation and diagnostic test accuracy research. With these initiatives in place, we hope to equip local researchers to meet the future demand for knowledge on patient outcomes and value-added health services.