SCRI-SingHealth CRC Lunch Webinar 2023

Recognising the resilience and achievements of CRCs in upholding quality in clinical research

On 11 January 2023, more than 230 Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs), cluster representatives and research professionals from the clinical research community attended the annual CRC workshop jointly organised by SCRI Academy and the SingHealth Clinical Trial Coordinating Centre (CTCC).

The theme for this year’s hybrid event was “Quality, Resilience and Recognition.”

The programme included three talks by industry veterans on the importance of a good study design in ensuring the quality of clinical trials and how CRCs can apply these principles to their daily work.

The session was opened by Mr Damien Hong, Chief Information Officer from the Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation, Singapore (CRIS), who was one of the founding directors of the SCRI Academy at its launch in 2017. Ms Sue Tee, Director of the SingHealth CTCC gave an overview of the centre’s role in supporting CRCs and their operational needs, as well as the CTCC’s strategic partnerships across the public healthcare institutions. She shared that clinical trials and research should keep a clear focus on patients’ needs, and emphasised the 3C’s that contribute to patient care – Consistency, Continuity and Coordination. To further develop CRCs, Sue also presented career pathways (Professional / Project Management / Administration) that CRCs can consider as they build their career.

Next, guest speaker Dr Yeo Jing Ping, Vice President, Asia Pacific Head, Cytel (Singapore) Pte Ltd, provided insights into “Understanding Quality by Design and Applying It”, which emphasised how good study design and strong quality culture will ensure the quality of clinical trials. She shared that good study design can be applied both at the study design phase and also during at the execution phase to maintain quality data for the trial.  Dr Yeo concluded her talk and said that what mattered at the end of the day is the drive to provide quality trials for patients and uphold data integrity.

Finally, Ms Low Lishan, Principal CRC, Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Sciences, National Cancer Centre Singapore, traced her career as a CRC and shared useful tips on how to overcome challenges, such as coaching junior CRCs and keeping updated on evolving SOPs. Lishan reflected on memorable moments thus far, such as going the extra mile to listen to patients and in-turn, also receiving support from colleagues who lent a listening ear to her.

The Distinguished Contributor Awards for CRCs was held in conjunction to recognise outstanding CRCs and their contributions to the clinical research profession and research community.

Congratulations to award recipients of the Distinguished Contributor Award for CRCs!

Award recipients with guest speaker Dr Yeo Jing Ping, Vice president, Asia Pacific Head, Cytel (Singapore) Pte Ltd (far right), together with senior leaders, Dr Eugene Gan, Senior Director, SCRI (far left) and Mr Damien Hong, Chief Information Officer, CRIS (second from right).

The SCRI Academy congratulates all the recipients for their dedication in advancing clinical research and the impact they bring to patients. CRCs are instrumental in not just driving clinical research but more importantly, ensuring the quality of the clinical research studies. Their contributions are valued and celebrated.

For full list of the award recipients of the Distinguished Contributor Award, click here.  

Supporting Materials

Through the courtesy of the speakers, the presentation slides are available for download.

  • Presentation deck: Here

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