Live Interview on Singapore Tonight by Channel NewsAsia

On 21 April 2016, CEO of SCRI, Associate Professor Teoh Yee Leong was interviewed on Channel NewsAsia, Singapore Tonight news. 


In the interview, he shared with the audience on the importance of cancer research for country specific cancer treatment guidelines.  He mentioned about a cancer research back in the 1990s at NUH that showed the normal recommended dose of a type of chemotherapy drugs based on the Western population for lung cancer which resulted in a high toxicity in the Asian population.  The biological profile difference between Asians and Caucasians play a role in this toxicity.  As cancer trials are not common locally, a lower dosage chemotherapy drug based on the local population would be needed.  Other factors contributing to the country specific cancer treatment guidelines would be the availability of treatments and cost-effective treatments that could be used. 


Associate Professor Teoh Yee Leong also spoke on the importance of research in gastroenterology (GI) cancers in Singapore.  4 out of 5 cancer deaths in the male population in Singapore are mainly due to Colorectal, Liver, Stomach and Pancreas cancer.


We would like to thank Channel NewsAsia for this opportunity for SCRI to convey the efforts of local healthcare professionals to strive for a better Healthcare in Singapore. 


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