Joint Alliance Duke-NUS Education (JADE) 31 May 2016, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore


Duke-NUS and Janssen Asia Pacific presents the launch of JADE (Joint Alliance Duke-NUS Education) on 31 July 2016 to address the competency and development needs arising from the evolving role of Medical Affairs. JADE is a joint educational initiative, an online certificate programme specialising in Medical Affairs, offering targeted training  to help professionals tap into their medical and clinical expertise, while responding quickly and strategically to the ever-changing industry and regulatory trends.

Our very own SCRI experts, Chief Scientific Officer, A/Prof Edwin Chan, Head of Biostatistics  Mihir Ghandi, Dr Nisa De Souza, Dr Pryseley Nkouibert, contributed by utilizing their expertise to develop the relevant content for various modules in the course.

Information regarding the course and sign-up links can be found on their website:

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