The objective of the Expel study is to assess whether by reducing the risk of peritoneal recurrence, extensive peritoneal lavage improves overall survival of gastric cancer patients undergoing gastrectomy.

In this study funded by National Medical Research Council (NMRC), 16 sites from six countries are involved. These countries include Singapore (two sites), China (two sites), Hong Kong (two sites), Japan (three sites), Korea (six sites) and Malaysia (one site).

This study was initiated in March 2015. By February 2016, 539 subjects had been enrolled in the EXPEL study. The recruitment is still ongoing to meet its recruitment target of 800 subjects.

Extensive peritoneal lavage is simple, inexpensive, and carries minimal risk to patients, but this simple method may be an effective strategy for treatment of gastric cancer.

Both SCRI’s Project Management and Research Informatics departments provide support for the EXPEL study. The project manager tracks the overall study status of all study sites while facilitating the work of external contract research organisation (CRO) engaged for study monitoring and management services at sites in China and Korea. In addition, the Research Information department provides study randomisation for all the study sites.