CPPL-DSO-2018 is the first clinical study to investigate the efficacy and safety of thawed cryopreserved pooled buffy coat-derived platelet transfusion in comparison to normal liquid platelet transfusion in patients with hypoproliferative thrombocytopenia.

Platelets have a particularly short shelf-life of only 5 days, which gives rise to significant logistical challenges in the supply of platelets for routine medical treatment and emergencies. To lengthen the shelf-life of platelets significantly, DSO National Laboratories has explored cryopreservation of pooled buffy-coat derived platelets, which Singapore relies more on. In addition, the prophylactic transfusion of patients with hypoproliferative thrombocytopenia is a more common indication than therapeutic platelet transfusion in bleeding patients during routine clinical practice. Once this niche study is validated, it will be important for peacetime use during low blood collection months or when there is sudden surge in platelet demand.

The study is sponsored by DSO and is a multidisciplinary collaboration involving researchers from DSO National Laboratories; Blood Services Group, Health Sciences Authority; Department of Haematology, Singapore General Hospital and the variety of research supports from SCRI.

SCRI’s coordination efforts range from protocol development, randomization, site monitoring, data cleaning, safety monitoring, medical writing to overall project management. With the able support from SCRI, CPPL-DSO-2018 successfully achieved the recruitment target, completed the final analysis in 1 month after last patient last visit and completed the study closure within the tight timeline.