Dr. Lu Guoping














Dr. Lu Guoping
Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Center
Children’s Hospital of Fudan University
Shanghai, China

Email: 13788904150@163.com  

Professional Experience:

Current Position(s):

  1. Professor, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  2. Director Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Center, Children's Hospital Fudan University, Shanghai, China
  3. Director, AHA Training Center for pediatric life support, Children's Hospital Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Other Professional Activities (Current):

  1. Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Chinese Journal of Pediatrics
  2. Editorial Board Member for
    1. Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    2. Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics
    3. International Journal of Pediatrics
    4. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine
  3. Members of the following societies
    1. WFPICC: Board member; Medical director of Asia
    2. Chinese Medical Association: Associate Group Leader, Pediatrics Section, Emergency Medicine Division; Associate Group Leader, Resuscitation Section, Pediatrics Division; Academic Member, Emergency Medicine Section, Pediatrics Division
    3. Chinese Medical Doctor Association: Associate Chief, Pediatric intensivist Branch; Member of Extracorporeal Life Support Standing Committee; Leader of pediatric ECMO section; Academic Member, Pediatric Hemofiltration Section
    4. Shanghai Medical Association: Academic Member, Pediatrics Division; Group leader, Emergency Medicine Division, Pediatric section; Associate Group Leader, Pediatrics Division Emergency Medicine Section
    5. Shanghai Emergency Department and ICU Quality Control Center: Associate Group Leader, Women and Children’s Section
    6. China Association for Disaster and Emergency Rescue: Member of Pediatric Rescue Division Standing Committee
    7. National Health and Family Planning Commission: Member of Brain Death Diagnosis Committee
    8. International Children’s Critical Care Medicine Forum in China: Executive President

Research Interest:

  1. Basic and Clinical Study on Sepsis
  2. Multiple Organ Support Therapy (MOST)
  3. Pediatric Accidental Injury (Trauma Management)