Prof Dong-Wan Kim


Prof Dong-Wan Kim
Department of Internal Medicine
Seoul National University Hospital

Dr. Dong-Wan Kim is a Professor of Medicine at the Seoul National University (SNU) College of Medicine and Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), Seoul, Korea. Dr Kim received his MD from the SNU and completed a residency in internal medicine at the SNUH. After completing his fellowship at the SNUH, he has been working at SNUH and SNU College of Medicine as a staff member since 2003. He spent a year at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center as a Visiting Research Fellow in 2007.

Dr. Kim’s specialty is medical treatment for lung cancer and research interests include clinical and translational research related to lung cancer. He has extensive experience in conducting clinical studies including first-in-human phase I studies with molecular targeted agents. Also, he carried out researches to identify predictive factors and resistant mechanisms of anti-cancer drugs for lung cancer patients.