Steering Committee

  • Determines scope of research projects to ensure relevance to our overall aims
  • Determines feasibility of research projects
  • Coordinates related projects and programs
  • Oversees resources and budgeting
  • Responsible for managing and resolving major operational and political issues/risks


  • Participating in studies conducted under the auspices of the network
  • Contributing data to the network
  • Proposing studies to be conducted as part of the network’s research
  • Agree to the network constitution which is subjected to regular review. Please click here for the constitution.

To join PACCMAN:

We do not have a fixed criteria to join as member. We welcome anyone who is keen to collaborate and share common goal of developing best practices to improve survival in critically ill children in Asia. Please fill up this form and send it to if you are interested to join PACCMAN. 

Current Members:

Country Site Investigator
Canada CHU Sainte Justine Research Center, University of Montreal
Atsushi Kawaguchi
Beijing, China Beijing Children’s Hospital, Capital Medical University Suyun Qian
Chongqing, China Children’s Hospital of Chongqing Medical University Xu Feng
    Dang Hong Xin
Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center  Tao Jianping
    Huang Li
Liaoning, China Shengjing hospital of China Medical University Liu Chunfeng
Shanghai, China Children’s Hospital of Fudan University Lu Guoping
    Ming Meixiu
    Mary, Zhu Xuemei
Hong Kong Hong Kong Children’s Hospital Ellis Hon
    Wong Chin Pang
    Karen Ka Yan Leung
Hong Kong Prince of Wales Hospital  Cheung Hon Ming 
Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital Au Cheuk Chung
India Post graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Jayashree M
    Arun Bansal 
Bali, Indonesia Sanglah Hospital Denpasar – Bali  Dyah Kanya Wati
    Ida Bagus Gede Suparyatha
Jakarta, Indonesia Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Harapan Kita Women and Children Hospital Felix Liauw
Kobe, Japan Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Kobe Children’s Hospital Hiroshi Kurosawa
Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Centre Naoki Shimizu
    Tadashi Kodani
    Mami Kuwayama
KL, Malaysia Universiti Malaysia Medical Centre Gan Chin Seng
    Chuah Soo Lin
    Lucy Lum Chai See
KL, Malaysia Institute of Paediatric Maznisah Mahmood
KL, Malaysia Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Tang Swee Fong
    Lee Pei Chuen
KL, Malaysia Women and Children Hospital Anis Siham Zainal Abidin
Sarawak, Malaysia Sarawak General Hospital Chor Yek Kee
Pakistan Pediatric Criical Care Medicine, Aga Khan University Qalab Abbas
Cebu, Philippines Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Audrey Anne Najarro
Manila, Philippines The Medical City Florentina Ty
Singapore KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Lee Jan Hau (Chairman)
    Judith Wong Ju-Ming
    Loh Tsee Foong
    Fu Sheng
    Chong Shu Ling
Singapore Duke – NUS Rehena Ganguly
Singapore National University Hospital Jacqueline Ong Soo May
    Fan Li Jia
Bangkok, Thailand Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Suwannee Phumeetham
Bangkok, Thailand King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital Rujipat Samransamruajkit
Bangkok, Thailand Ramathibodi Hospital Nattachai Anantasit
Hanoi, Vietnam Vietnam National Children’s Hospital Phan Huu Phuc (Co-Chairman)