paccman logoWhat is PACCMAN?

PACCMAN (Pediatric Acute & Critical Care Medicine Asian Network) is a collaborative research network formed in 2015 by pediatric intensive care providers. Currently, pediatric intensive care research is inadequate and poorly coordinated in Asia due to variations in clinical practice, institutional systems and resources. With conditions like sepsis, ARDS and myocarditis which carry high mortality rates, the scarcity of trends and research in this area underscores the need for collaboration and good quality interventional trials. The primary aim of PACCMAN is to promote collaboration by bringing together individuals to share experience and develop best practices for this diverse region.

PACCMAN serves as a platform to support and stimulate research into effective strategies to improve survival in critically ill children. This allows connectivity with all countries throughout Asia who can then participate/contribute as a community in meaningfully research whether they are observational or randomized. As a first step, PACCMAN has identified pediatric ARDS as one of its main areas of interest. The network will gather data to deepen understanding and gain insights to develop new strategies to improve outcome.

Overall aims

To improve outcomes in critically ill children and their families by promoting high quality research in various aspects of pediatric intensive care.


PACCMAN endeavors to answer important clinical questions and develop recommendations and guidelines for clinical practice. These guidelines will be tailored to Asian practice and resources. This research has major social value as it aims to improve clinically significant outcomes like survival and functional recovery. It will also establish a role for Singapore as a networking hub and as a contact point for interested research partners.