Source Documents

Important documents used by the Pan-Asian Resuscitation Outcomes Study (PAROS) Clinical Research Network (CRN) can be downloaded from this page. The files will be updated from time to time.


Constitution of PAROS EXCO with definition of terms
Guidelines for Human Research Subjects
Code of Ethical Practice for Human Biomedical Research
PAROS Industry Liaison Person – Updates (includes information on FCPA and HCE)
Grant Status Template
PAROS Guidelines for Organising Countries
EMS Survey Variables
PAROS Participating Countries Map

IRB-related Documents

IRB Master Template (Version 2.0)
IRB Register

Data-related Documents

PAROS Case Report Form (CRF) (version: 2.0, word format)
PAROS Case Report Form (CRF) (version: 2.0, pdf format)
PAROS Data Dictionary/Taxonomy (version 2.0)
PAROS Core Data Variables List (version: 10 Nov 2010)
PAROS Data Agreement (version: 10 Nov 2010)
PAROS Study Log (to be maintained by each site)
PAROS Data Quality Assurance Plan
PAROS Data Quality Assurance Log (Annex A of DQA Plan)


Implementation Guidebook (Version 1.0)

Abstract-related Documents

Abstract Submission Form

Study Proposal-related Documents

New Study Proposal Template
New Study Proposal Presentation Template

Literature Review-related Documents

Primary Literature Review Template – Descriptive Studies
Primary Literature Review Template – Studies Related to Interventions, Therapies, Prognosis, Diagnosis
Example of how to use a Literature Review Template
Example of how to generate a systematic review using a Literature Review Template
Example of a systematic review

Publications Committee Documents

Consolidated Study Abstracts with Comments (April 2011)
Aims of Literature Review Workshop (11 - 12 April 2011)
Collated Research Questions and Contacts (April 2011)

Dispatcher CPR Module

Dispatcher CPR Case Report Form_version 3
Dispatcher CPR Data Dictionary (for all countries)
Dispatcher CPR Data Dictionary (for Singapore use)_version 1.1

Target Temperature Management Module

Case Record Form
Data Dictionary- In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Data Dictionary- Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Implementation Guidebook

Introduction to PAROS
PAROS Data Dictionary
PAROS_Merged Form7
ePAROS Training Guide_June 2018
Hospital Step by Step Instructions
PAROS Getting Started Training Guide_Aug 2017
PAROS Records Search
PAROS Case Number Search
Export data from ePAROS
Generation of PAROS Utstein Report_July 2018
Export Data from ePAROS
Validation Errors Report
PAROS Data Audit Form ver 1.0