Since the Case Report Form (CRF) used by PAROS CRN is in English, would the various languages used in the local electronic medical records affect the ability to contribute data to the Network?

The PAROS Online Data Capture System uses an electronic CRF which is in English. However, many of the data systems participating in PAROS CRN are in their native languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc). For the International Study on Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest, we will adopt a common taxonomy jointly developed with the participating countries and all participating sites will align their data variables to this common taxonomy. Pre-agreed data fields collected at the sites will then be assigned a number (i.e, coded) and matched against the common taxonomy. This allows data in the various languages to be translated into numbers as the medium for data to be imported into PAROS. Accurate translation of data fields from other languages to English would be crucial to ensure accurate mapping of the data.