Asian EMS Council


The Asian Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Council was first founded in 2009 in Busan, Korea.  Recognising that the EMS systems in Asia have been under-developed and immature because of the short history of development in this part of the world, the Asian EMS Council aims to promote and advocate pre-hospital care / EMS in Asia.

Asian EMS Council
The Council has undertaken the following as its mission:

  • Promote sharing of experience of other EMS systems
  • Act as advocates for EMS to difference communities
  • Create opportunities for education and training for EMS physicians and providers
  • Collaborate with each other for advancement of EMS systems
  • Undertake research projects on pre-hospital care

Since the Council was formalised, it has organised a number of meetings and educational activities to improve the understanding of EMS systems in the region. The meetings include:

  • June 2014: International Conference for Emergency Medicine, Hong Kong
  • October 2013: Asian Conference for Emergency Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
  • August 2013: Korean Council of EMS Physicians Summer Symposium, Seoul, Korea
  • April 2013: 2nd EMS Asia, Singapore
  • November 2012: The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, Kyoto, Japan
  • September 2012: EMS Asia, Penang, Malaysia
  • April 2012: 1st International Pre-hospital Care Conference,Dubai, UAE
  • July 2011: Asian Conference for Emergency Medicine in Bangkok, Thailand
  • October 2010: Japanese Association for Acute Medicine in Tokyo, Japan
  • June 2010: International Conference for Emergency Medicine in Singapore
  • April 2010: Korean Society of Emergency Medicine in Daegu, Korea
  • January 2010: National Association for EMS Physicians in Phoenix, USA
  • May 2009: Asian Conference for Emergency Medicine in Busan, Korea

For further updates and information on the Asian EMS Council, kindly refer to the homepage of the Council at: