There are 2 categories of members, the Executive Committee (EXCO) members and the General Members. The EXCO members (appointed for 3 years) will provide overall direction and be the decision-maker on all major issues not limited to the acceptance, management, budgeting, conduct, authorship and publication of Asian PIBD Research Network trials or studies. The Executive Committee will consist of the Asian PIBD Research Network Chair, Co-chair and 1 representative member from each participating countries. General Members refer to all non-EXCO members as well as EXCO members.


Executive Committee

  • A/Prof Marion Aw (Chairman)
  • Prof Lee Way Seah (Co-Chair)
  • Dr Rosanna Wong
  • Dr Shaman Rajindrajith
  • Dr Karen Mercado
  • A/Prof Suporn Treepongkaruna


General Members

Hong Kong

  • Dr Rosanna Wong


  • Prof Lee Way Seah
  • Dr Chew Kee Seang


  • Dr Almida Reodica
  • Dr Karen Mercado
  • Dr Mary Jean Villa-Real Guno
  • Dr Caroline Anne A. Castro
  • Dr Novette Regina M. Lagunzad


  • Dr James Huang
  • A/Prof Marion Aw
  • Dr Veena Logarajah
  • Dr Chiou Fang Kuan

Sri Lanka

  • Dr Shaman Rajindrajith


  • A/Prof Pornthep Tanpowpong
  • A/Prof Suporn Treepongkaruna

As a progressive network, Asian PIBD Research Network is constantly looking for opportunities to grow. If you would like to be a member of the growing Network, you are most welcome to contact the Network Secretariat, Ms Patricia Tay at