No. You only have to review the research study protocol and attend the protocol briefing presentation. After reviewing the protocol, you can then decide to participate in the study or not.

No. If you choose to participate in a protocol, you are not required to enrol a targeted number of patients. However it is hoped that members involve themselves actively in projects, if this is possible.

Yes, as long as the studies do not compete for the same patient pool.

Authorship requires more than patient enrollment, collection of data and treatment of patients. Authors must, for example, participate in the research study protocol design, analysis, or manuscript writing. If you are interested in becoming a co-author, this should be discussed with the study Principal Investigator. SCRI does not compensate for time dedicated to these scientific efforts, but they can and will be recognised by authorship.

No. Being in the MRN will not prevent you from joining other research networks.

Yes. You will need to be GCP trained as a requirement to conduct clinical trials.

No. You may resign or withdraw for any reason at anytime. Any research data, materials, medications, tools, or other instruments that were generated or provided by the MRN are required to be returned at the time of resignation.