About FMRN

1 The Family Medicine Research Network (FMRN) is a practice-based research network formed in 2010 by SCRI and family medicine physicians in Singapore. FMRN members provide care in representative practices in the community and are networked to collaborate and conduct clinical research.

As conventional sites for conducting clinical research have been hospitals and their relevant clinical research units, a practice-based research network such as the FMRN presents a different and unique research opportunity. Given that the primary healthcare setting has a vast amount of untapped clinical material in the form of daily patient contact, and is where most illnesses first present, primary healthcare is emerging as a key clinical research resource that can contribute significantly to the generation of valuable evidence-based medical data for many chronic diseases.

The FMRN seeks patient-centered clinical research and new information that will translate into better healthcare outcomes for patients. FMRN strives to answer important clinical questions relevant to disease prevention, early detection, treatment and long-term disease management. Research opportunities in the FMRN include screening, treatment, diagnosis, course of illness, quality of life / measurements research.

The FMRN aims to empower busy family medicine physicians to conduct high impact medical research by providing an efficient, physician-friendly coordinating centre to support clinical research. The FMRN manages, supports and simplifies complex processes involved in conducting clinical research and provides professional development, education and training for its members and their staff.