7. Singapore Programme of Research Investigating New Approaches to Treatment of Tuberculosis (SPRINT-TB)

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SPRINT-TB is a translational bench-to-bedside tuberculosis (TB) research programme based at National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore. The programme spans research themes from mycobacterial target identification and drug discovery to clinical development and treatment delivery. The clinical research aspect of the programme is focused on investigating new TB drug regimens, as well as evaluating novel compounds (including first-in-man studies) and licensed drugs for novel applications.

The programme currently runs multiple investigator-initiated Phase2/3 clinical trials and collaborates in pharmaceutical industry trials. The network closely works with most of key hospitals in Singapore, as well as with TB clinical sites in eight Asian countries. It has capabilities to conduct trials in large numbers of TB patients or healthy volunteers. The network has access to state-of-the-art infrastructure such as a full BSL-3 laboratory with a range of TB clinical research expertise, clinical research imaging facilities, genomics and immunomonitoring services, among many others.

Website: www.sprinttb.org