Join Us as Investigator and/or Committee Member

Do you have patients with glomerular or renal cystic diseases whom you wish you can perform genetic tests to direct treatment?

If you do, you may be interested to participate in the DRAGoN study which provides genetic sequencing of more than 150 genes known to cause renal disease, at no costs to your patients.

Samples required

4-5ml blood in EDTA tubes or Saliva collected using provided collection kits

Phenotype data

To be entered by investigators in online database at recruitment, and then 6-monthly

Genetic tests

Next generation sequencing of >150 genes known to cause glomerular and other renal diseases.

What is provided by this study?

The genetic tests offered are at no charge. We also cover shipping costs, and will provide basic consumables. We offer authorship in publications. All centres will own their own data. Centres within the same country can request for their nationwide data, with permission from other centres.

What is required from your centre?

Ethics approval from your institutional ethics committee. Collaboration agreements are also available if needed.

Vacancies for DRAGoN committees are also available.

If you are keen to find out more, please contact:

Dr Ng Kar Hui, National University of Singapore, email

Ms Ng Jun Li, National University of Singapore, email