Ongoing Project

ATORG001 – Molecular Profiling Project

Status: Recruiting

ATORG is undertaking a comprehensive molecular profiling of “actionable” alterations in lung cancer specimens in order to determine the prevalence of each genetic subtype. These mutations are screened using the Oncomine Focus Assay, where 52 genetic alterations – including hotspots, single nucleotide variants, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions – may be detected in a single workflow. In addition, relevant baseline clinical characteristics are collated e.g. patient demographics, smoking history, number of lines of therapy, as well as outcomes including access to targeted therapies, immune checkpoint inhibitors and overall survival. Through comprehensive annotation of clinical-pathological-molecular characteristics, this study will provide a means to rationalize the application of diagnostic tests, as well as identify prognostic and predictive factors in the treatment of Asian lung cancers.