About ALTN

The Asian Liver Transplantation Network (ALTN) was established in late 2016. The ALTN comprises of prominent medical practitioners skilled in liver transplantation across Asia. The group’s research interest focuses on liver transplantation in Asia looking at the indications, outcomes, adherence, etc.


Through the pioneering work led by Starzl in the USA and Calne in England, liver transplantation has become the standard of care for patients with end-stage liver diseases and acute liver failure. The refinement in surgical techniques, improvements in postoperative care, and immunosuppression regimens have contributed to the success of liver transplantation in both short and long term outcomes. Asia has led the field in living donor liver transplantation. It is widely acknowledged that differences exist between Western and Asian patients; both in terms of etiology for transplantation and genetic predisposition for conditions such as new onset diabetes after transplantation (NODAT).  Asian-centric research and outcomes are thus needed; and efforts to encourage multi-center Asian collaborations required.


  • A strategic network of key opinion leaders in Liver Transplantation from Asia
  • Platform for regular exchange to facilitate best clinical practice
  • Platform for multicenter studies / clinical trials
  • Fill clinical / research Gaps in Liver Transplantation
  • Prospective Asian Liver Transplant Registry