Asia Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma (AHCC) Trials Group Scientific Forum and General Meeting

AHCC Trials Group Scientific Forum

The Asia Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma (AHCC) Trials Group held its first ever Scientific Forum at National Cancer Centre Singapore on 31st October 2014. This forum was open to the general public and more than 90 participants from 12 countries took part in this event. There was a good line-up of scientific and clinical speakers who shared their extensive research and clinical experience with HCC.

The Director of the National Cancer Centre Singapore and the Group Chair of the AHCC Trials Group, Professor Soo Khee Chee, gave his welcome address followed by a short introduction to the AHCC Trials Group by the Protocol Chair of the AHCC Trials Group, Professor Pierce Chow. Dr Zhai Wei Wei, Senior Research Scientist at the Genome Institute of Singapore, shared about using evolutionary and population genetic approaches in HCC. Professor Sven Pettersson from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, presented on the human microbiome and HCC while Associate Professor Ken Sung Wing Kin from the National University of Singapore and Genome Institute of Singapore spoke about the relevance of Hepatitis B genotype in HCC.

Clinical speakers that took part in the scientific program were Professor Simone Strasser from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia and Professor Khin Maung Win from Yangon GI and Liver Centre, Myanmar. Professor Strasser shared about her extensive clinical experience in treating HCC in Australia and Professor Khin Maung Win presented on the challenges faced in managing HCC in Myanmar.

In addition, we also had invited speakers from pharmaceutical companies. Dr Jennifer Yang, Director of Oncology Research from Johnson & Johnson China R&D, presented on the topic “Targeting FGFR Pathway for HCC”. Dr Winston Lee, Regional Medical Director Asia Pacific for Sirtex Medical, gave a presentation on using Yttrium-90 in HCC.

The scientific forum ended with a lunch reception for all participants.

AHCC Trials Group General Meeting


The AHCC Trials Group also achieved another milestone by organizing its 6th General Meeting on 31st October 2014 at DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore. The General Meeting commenced after the AHCC Trials Group Scientific Forum and more than 25 participants from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan took part in this event. The meeting was attended by both AHCC06 Investigators and other members of the AHCC Trials Group.

During the meeting, Professor Pierce Chow updated the group on the AHCC06 (Sirvenib) Trial and the key outcomes of the 2nd Interim Analysis of the trial that was held on 27th October 2014. Professor Chow also shared on the recommendations from the Data Monitoring Committee in regards to the 2nd Interim Analysis.

Several ongoing pilot studies on HCC were also presented at the meeting. Dr Teo Jin Yao from Singapore General Hospital talked about an ongoing pilot study on hypertrophy of the contralateral lobe after SIRT. Professor Pierce Chow also presented on two pilot studies with the Genome Institute of Singapore on HCC tumor heterogeneity and HBV genotypes in HCC. An exploratory study on the microbiome and HCC conducted by both National Cancer Centre Singapore and Nanyang Technological University was also presented during the meeting. The General Meeting concluded with a dinner reception with all the AHCC Trials Group members followed by a Night Bus Tour of Singapore.

Overall, the first AHCC Trials Group Scientific Forum and General Meeting was a stimulating learning and sharing experience for scientific and clinical participants alike. The study team would like to thank the Investigators, AHCC Trials Group Members, distinguished speakers and sponsors for making this event a success.