AHCC06 Investigator Meeting

The AHCC06 Trial held its first investigator meeting in Hong Kong at the Renaissance Harbourview Hotel on 4 September 2011, right after the closing ceremony of the ILCA conference. The much awaited event saw the active participation of over 30 investigators from Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

The meeting posed an excellent opportunity for the participants to have an intensive discussion on the latest protocol amendments and challenges faced by each site. It drew valuable feedback from the floor and the different scenarios presented by the investigators shed new insights on the scientific and operational aspects of the trial.

In addition, there were also technical inputs from Dr. Rheun-Chuan Lee who wrapped up the stimulating learning event with the sharing of his expertise on SIRT delivery. On the whole, it was a fruitful session and the study team would like to especially thank the investigators, the guest speakers – Prof Pierce Chow, Prof Khin Maung Win, Dr Rheun-Chuan Lee and Sirtex for making this event a success.