AHCC06 Investigator Meeting 2012

Pre-Investigator Meeting Dinner at Cafe Brio's, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore on 15 Nov 2012


First row (from left): Ms Lynette Lai, Ms Poh Sze Phing, Ms Sandra Hsing, Mr Liew Wei Ming, Mr Xia Yu, Ms Nicole Kong, Dr Tongcos Frances Jeannifer Riveral

Second row (from left): Dr Janus Ong, Dr Gilles Chatellier, Dr Catherine Teh, Mrs Lesmana, Prof L A Lesmana, Prof Pierce Chow, Dr Ariunaa Khasbazar, Ms Rebecca Loh, Ms Sophie Moss, Ms Isabelle Lee, Ms Janice Ng, Dr Valeria Vilgrain, Ms Pascaline Aucouturier, Ms Val Honeyman

Investigator Meeting at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore on 16 Nov 2012 

First row (from left): Dr Tan Tzu Jen, Prof Tjakra Wibawa Manuaba, Dr Po-Chin Liang, Dr Anthony Goh, Prof L A Lesmana, Prof Pierce Chow, Prof Khin Muang Win, Dr Edwin Chan, Dr Phyo Myint Kyi, Dr Wai Lynn Shein

Second row (from left): Ms Lynette Lai, Ms Chiang I Han Amelie, Dr Tongcos Frances Jeannifer Riveral, Dr Vanessa Hoover De Villa, Ms Sophie Moss, Ms Isabelle Lee, Dr Catherine Teh, Ms MaZarah Kay G Ballelos, Ms Janice Ng, Ms Val Honeyman, Dr Ariunaa Khasbazar

Third row (from left): Mr Liew Wei Ming, Dr Janus Ong, Ms Rachmawati, Ms Rebecca Loh, Ms Nicole Kong, Ms Sandra Hsing, Dr Hung Chien Fu, Ms Poh Sze Phing, Dr Lim Yu-Hung, Dr Tseng Hsiou-Shan, Dr Mihir Gandhi, Dr Aloysius Raj, Dr Winston Woon Wei Liang, Dr Po-Heng Chuang, Dr Lee Rhaun Chuan, Dr Hwang Dae-Wook, Dr David Ng, Dr Ian Cua, Dr Lee Sung Won

The AHCC06 Trial held its second Investigator Meeting at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore on 16 November 2012. More than 50 participants from Indonesia, France, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan took part in this event.

Several topics were discussed during the meeting. Project Manager, Ms Moss presented the key highlights, summary of changes for protocol version 5.0 and monitoring plan update. Dr Janus Ong shared some of his experiences on the strategies successfully employed for successful subject recruitment and challenges encountered by The Medical City, Philippines. Prof Khin Maung Win updated the group on the progress, challenges and difficulties faced by Yangon GI & Liver Centre, Myanmar. He also made some suggestions to other sites on good practice for subject recruitment. In addition, Dr David Ng presented on the Singapore General Hospital SIRT workflow for overseas patients referred to SGH and identified some common difficulties encountered.

Three proposals for ancillary study were also presented. Dr Teo Jin Yao presented the Ancillary Study for Liver Functional Reserve and Metabolic Imaging Study whereas Dr Brian Goh presented the Biomarker Study. The event also saw Prof Pierce Chow giving a presentation on SIRveNIB Trial and SARAH Trial.

Overall, it was a fruitful session and the study team would like to thank all the guest speakers, participants and Sirtex for making this event a success.