Clinical Research Coordinator Level 1 Programme (September 2018 intake)

Programme Duration: 07 September 2018 to 23 November 2018

Venue: NTU@one-north

Organiser: SCRI Academy

The SCRI Academy continues to work closely with commercial MNCs and local healthcare institutions to introduce value-added training content into the CRC Level 1 Programme.

On 28 September 2018, as part of the Week 4 CRC training curriculum, the SCRI Academy invited Ms Carene Lim to give a lecture on the topic of Initial Ethics Submission for Clinical Trials. Ms Lim has over 10 years of experience as a Senior Clinical Site Monitor at a pharmaceutical MNC. She also holds the position of Clinical Site Manager conducting country profiling, site feasibility assessments and site selection. Drawing on her vast experience in the clinical trial industry, Ms Lim shared insights on the common pitfalls of the ethics submission process and valuable tips to help overcome them.


Ms Carene Lim prompting CRCs to reflect on administrative challenges by using real-life case scenarios.

On 19 October 2018, a Lunch Engagement session was also organised to help the participating CRCs enhance their knowledge about coordinating clinical trials. SingHealth’s Director of Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CTCC), Ms Sue Tee, was invited to interact with the 30 students enrolled in the CRC Level 1 Programme. CTCC currently oversees all training and development of CRCs within SingHealth.

The interactive meeting held at NTU@one-north provided both CRCs and cluster management a chance to engage in meaningful conversations. CRCs were given the opportunity to express their concerns and challenges faced, while Ms Sue Tee shared helpful anecdotes to inspire and motivate them further. She also mentioned the ongoing plans to develop research coordinators.

Both engagement sessions proved to be fruitful in helping CRCs understand how they can help contribute to ensuring quality clinical research meets international standards.

2 CRCs sharing their experiences with SingHealth’s Director of CTCC, Ms Sue Tee.
3 SCRI COO, Mr Damien Hong, sharing his insights on CRC trainings and CRC as a career.

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