Clinical Research Coordinator Level 1 Programme (Blended) (March 2022 intake)

Programme Duration: 04 March 2022 to 27 May 2022

Venue: Zoom (Online)

Organiser: SCRI Academy

Clinical Research Coordinator Level 1 Programme (Blended) (March 2022 intake)

The March 2022 Intake of CRC Level 1 Programme (Blended) welcomed 27 Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) from our public healthcare institutions. 

This 12-week programme comprised e-learning and instructor-led role-play sessions to equip junior CRCs with fundamental knowledge of daily operations and duties in coordinating clinical trials. Numerous case scenarios and interactive discussions were shared to strengthen their understanding and application of the concepts and theories in their daily work. Tips and best practices on how to navigate the clinical research landscape, especially during the pandemic period were the greatest takeaway for most CRCs. 

Feedback from our participants:

“[The course provided] a broad overview of clinical trials, solid fundamentals to clinical trial essentials and relevant scenarios that may apply to situations at my workplace,” said one participant .

“I got a deeper learning and understanding of CRC as a profession, such as the job flows and concerns as a CRC. It is [a role] filled with a variety of (not so mundane) tasks, people-facing, and more hands-on, all of which suits my strengths,” said another participant

“[The course was] well-planned, well-paced and well-executed. A lot of new and useful information,” one participant commented. 

The CRCs hailed from the different healthcare institutions and support various therapeutic areas and coordinate different types of clinical trials. Hence, it was valuable for them to share their experiences and insights with one another. To facilitate this, interactive virtual classroom discussions were injected to provide participants with the opportunities to share best practices, discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions to overcome it.   

Congratulations to all graduated CRCs who completed the programme!

Click here to find out more about the CRC Level 1 Programme.

Special thanks to our collaborators, clinical research personnel, public healthcare institutions, regulatory authorities and training partners for their continuous support in running the CRC training programme.

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