Mr Ethan Priel


Director, Ophthalmology Department

MOR Institute



Mr Priel is the Founder and Director of the Ophthalmology Department at the MOR Institute in Israel, a leading State-of-the-Art Diagnostic and Treatment center.

Mr Priel has devoted most of his professional career to the study, development and perfection of Ophthalmic Imaging techniques, together with his longstanding commitment to research and education, both in published articles and through his involvement in the international Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society.

Throughout his career Mr Priel has been active in Ophthalmic Imaging technology’s evolution from film-based manual fundus cameras, to simultaneous high-speed Angiography, OCT and OCT-A systems constantly embracing and improving its applications.

Of special interest in both daily practice and published work has been the Multi-Modal Imaging concept, which offers unparalleled advantages by combining comprehensive, complimentary information from several, often simultaneous imaging modalities, when evaluating and diagnosing ophthalmic pathologies.

In addition to his clinical work, Mr Priel has conducted numerous advanced Ophthalmic Imaging seminars and workshops worldwide.