AHCC06 (Liver Cancer Network Trial )


AHCC06 is an Investigator-initiated, open-label, randomised-controlled study that compares the outcomes of two established treatments in patients with locally-advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), namely SIR Spheres® microspheres and Sorafenib. The Trial is jointly funded by NMRC and SIRTeX, a medical device company. The primary objective of this Trial is to determine which of the two treatments confers better overall survival for HCC patients.

The AHCC06 Trial involves 29 renowned medical centres across the Asia Pacific region. To date, the Trial has successfully completed two independent interim analyses and is on track to meet the enrollment timelines.

SCRI’s Project Management provides the coordination and dedicated support for the AHCC06 Study in day-to-day trial operations. With its meticulous oversight of the trial data reporting and query resolution, the Team is ready to initiate and implement improvement strategies where needed in the event of operational challenges.

The Project Management Team actively engages in planning and coordinating important trial milestones. Two such occasions in 2014 were the Investigators’ Meetings in Taiwan and Singapore – which were valuable platforms for open discussion of the AHCC06 Trial progress, issues and their solutions.

The Project Management Team regularly presents Sirtex with key project updates and collaborates closely with Sirtex to facilitate the conduct of the Trial. An encouraging development in 2014 was Sirtex’s additional funding of up to S$1.9 million provided for AHCC06, aimed at enhancing trial quality and facilitating subject recruitment.