How to Reach Us

The mission of the AHCC network is to conduct preventive and therapeutic trials in HCC, carry out translational research in this field and develop training and educational programs pertaining to HCC. With more than 20 years of experience in conducting multi-centre, multi-national clinical trials, the AHCC network is a well-established platform for high quality clinical studies.


The AHCC Trials Group Secretariat acts as the single point of contact as well as the centre of all administrative and operational procedures for the network. The Secretariat is part of the National Cancer Centre Singapore, but outsources many of its functions to other agencies, in particular the Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI).


The AHCC Trials Group and its partners comprise investigators, coordinators, and professionals in various supporting specialties with significant expertise in:


  • Protocol development and feasibility evaluation,
  • Budget allocation and contract negotiation,
  • Handling institutional procedures in various countries,
  • Executing, managing and monitoring studies in progress, and
  • Collecting and analysing data returned from the studies.


With over 50 participating sites, there is access to experts in different countries with different expertise within the AHCC network. The network facilitates support between members as well as broader collaboration between members and other experts within participating institutions and beyond.


The AHCC Trials Group has access to diverse patient populations around the Asia-Pacific region, allowing investigators to conduct quality research producing high-impact results based on their applicability across different populations in the region. Differences in drug response, etc. among different populations can also be easily addressed within the network.


The Network Secretariat

Patricia Tay
Senior Clinical Research Network Associate
Phone : (65) 6508 8356
Fax: (65) 6508 8317

Mailing Address: 23 Rochester Park, #06-01, Singapore 139234